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Traveling To Phoenix? Don’t Miss These 5 Incredible Tacos!

If you are traveling to Arizona, you need to indulge in tacos – Period. The residents of the state love tacos of various kinds, and you will find a wide range of Mexican restaurants, which serve all kinds of options – from the classic options to fusion tacos. In fact, the state even celebrates the love for tacos with the Arizona Taco Festival, which is also scheduled for 2020 during the month of October. In this post, we are sharing the best tacos in Phoenix you need to try.

The classic

The classic taco contains a filling of either chicken or beef, with shells that can be either crispy or soft – as you like it. This kind of tacos contain veggies too, including tomatoes, and there is usually some sauce that binds it all together, while you can also add a generous topping of cheese if you like. Traditional tacos are served in most Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, so you don’t have to look around.

Shrimp twist!

If you are not a fan of beef tacos, you must try the shrimp variant. Seafood lovers enjoy shrimp tacos more than anything else, because the flavor is so distinct. You can find shrimp tacos in many diners and eateries, and the filling usually includes colored bell peppers with a tangy tomato sauce. We recommend that you go for the crispy shell for this one.

Say yes to Al Pastor

For the uninitiated, Al Pastor refers to sliced pork, which has been seasoned with pineapple with selected chilis. Al Pastor tacos are an acquired taste for sure, but with a nice sauce on the top and a crispy shell, you may find a new favorite. Many restaurants serve these tacos with a nice topping of pineapples.

Fish tacos with a difference

Arizona residents are a fan of fish tacos because fish isn’t easy to fish (pun intended). There are varied versions of the standard fish taco, but Mahi-Mahi is usually the most preferred choice. The fish is nicely cooked with selected spices, and that’s all you need. If you are a fan of toppings, go ahead and add some cabbage, but you will love the mild flavor of just fish alone.

Veg tacos

A lot of people are turning vegetarians, and it is not surprising many restaurants in Phoenix do have veg tacos on their menu. You will be surprised how fun tacos can get with veggies alone. From sautéed mushrooms, to grilled veggies topped with nice sauces, you are likely to ask for a second serving.

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