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Visiting Hong Kong? What you need to know

Planning a visit to Hong Kong? You would be happy to know that airliner Cathay Pacific is offering continuous flights from Melbourne to Hong Kong! However, before you book your flights to Hong Kong, it is essential that you know about the country.

Hong Kong is one of the most desired destinations for people across the globe. From beautiful cityscapes to breathtaking natural landscapes and tropical jungles, Hong Kong is definitely a must-visit country for sure.

There are plenty of places to visit. But, before that, here are some quick tips if it is your first trip to the country.

  • Hong Kong Dollar is the local currency of the country. While the majority of the places accept Mastercard and Visa, there are places that accept American Express as well. You don’t have to worry about getting short on cash as there are tons of ATMs all around.

  • Before you pack your bags, you must first consider the weather in Hong Kong. The country gets four seasons. So, if you were thinking that Hong Kong is a year-round tropical country, you were thinking wrong all this time. The best time to visit Hong Kong is during the summer, that is, from March to early June. Although the summers are hot, you will experience pleasant sunny weather with a bit of rain.

  • The locals in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. But you don’t have to worry about the language as many people speak English as well. Moreover, the signs are bilingual.

  • It is recommended that you take public transportation once you reach Hong Kong. It is clean, cheap, and the network is significantly extended. The taxis are inexpensive as well, which you can easily take after exiting the airport.

  • People traveling to Hong Kong are advised to get the Octopus Card once they land. It is a stored-value card that comes handy when you travel using public transportation. However, it doesn’t work for taxi services. You can get your Octopus Card from the airport. It will only cost you HK$50.

  • You can also take the Airport Express Train to go to the airport as well from the airport to another location. You can purchase the tickets at the station. It has three stops – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and Tsing Yi. Each destination is 24 minutes apart.

  • While most people prefer booking hotels on Hong Kong Island, for maximum convenience, look into hotels in Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Soho, and Wan Chai.

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#1 Hong Kong is not just about city life and big buildings

Those who haven’t traveled to Hong Kong assume that it is a ‘concrete jungle.’ You will be surprised to know that the country is more of a tropical island with a splash of skyscrapers. While it is famous for its spectacular skylines, there are plenty of beaches, mountains, marine parks, waterfalls, and national parks. You can go for hikes, enjoy the sun-kissed beaches, and also explore the stunning 1200 skyscrapers.

#2 It is ridiculously cheap and easy to get around

Hong Kong is ridiculously cheap! For starters, it has an efficient transportation system with at least 2-4 different modes of transportation to get from point-to-point. They have got taxis in abundance, an airport railway system, trains, trams, minibuses, buses, and ferries, with incredibly cheap tickets. The best part is that the country is also very walkable.

#3 Hong Kong has No-Open Bottle Law

While the legal drinking age in Hong Kong is 18+, there is no open bottle law, meaning you can walk around the streets and storm the beaches with a bottle of beer in hand. The majority of convenience stores in Hong Kong sell a range of booze and alcohol.

#4 A Paradise for Foodies

Hong Kong has so many amazing bars and restaurants – from Michelin-starred restaurants to cheap and cheerful meals. There is something for everyone. In fact, Hong Kong has the world’s largest per capita concentration of eateries. That is, there is one eatery for every 300 people. This means you will never run out of food while traveling.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is traveling for business purposes or for a vacation, visiting Hong Kong will be an experience of a lifetime. Just make sure that you book your tickets early because it is the peak season!

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