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Overnight RV Parking: What are your Options

Road trips with your family and friends are a lot of fun. But, sometimes, they can be longer than a one-day trip which requires you to stop and sleep somewhere along the way. In terms of overnight RV parking, below are some of your options:

Parking at Businesses

There are many overnight RV parking friendly stores you can find. However, some businesses also offer free RV parking. Many casinos have a Casino RV Park that offers free overnight parking for RVers like you. But, keep in mind that some local cities and counties have prohibited overnight RV parking and local stores cannot do something about this.

Parking at Campgrounds and Parks

These are the preferred spots to park where you get hookups for sewer, water, and electricity. But, while these benefits mean extra costs, it will be well worth the cost for those who have been used to a good life.

If you know that your trip will take more than one day and you want to split it up, plan your overnight stop beforehand. A lot of campgrounds and arks are full during the common RV tailgating periods like the spring, summer, and fall. Ensure you make reservations for these spots when planning your trip.

Parking at Farms, Golf Courses, and Wineries

If you don’t want to park at a local store because of the noise, crowd, and light, think about parking at a winery, farm, or golf course. However, you need to know where they are in advance. Some of these areas have limited overnight parking due to local ordinances. Thus, ensure to do your homework first.

Parking at Truck Stops

Some truck stops let you park overnight. In fact, some of them even have separate RV parking so RVers can stay away from the trucks that idle all night. These spots will let you fill up the gas tanks and use dump sites.

Parking at Rest Areas

Usually, rest areas have a place to dump your waste tanks. However, you must be cautious about refilling the freshwater tanks. But, lightening the load this way is not bad at all.

Generally, big parking lots such as shopping centers, malls, and churches are overnight parking options for RVers. But, you must check with local management if you are not sure if those spots are an option. You can consider going to the police station to ask for permission. You might be able to use their parking lot if they have extra space.

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