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Make the Most Out of Your Washington DC Trip Using These Tips

Planning a trip to Washington DC? The city has a number of free attractions making it possible to set a larger part of you travel-budget for hotels. It can be divided into four main quadrants each one with distinct neighborhoods and so many things to do. Majority of attractions are situated in the northern part of the city.

So, if you are wondering which area to look for hotels, consider areas in Northern Washington. Check out hotels off the I-5 in Washington. One of the popular picks in the area among tourists is Angel of the Winds Casino Resort. You’ll also have so many activities to indulge in if you’d like to spend an evening relaxing in a leisurely way. Check out the available packages in their website.

Considerations when choosing a hotel:

  • Location: You’ll find so many hotels mentioning something like they are located 2 miles away from a specific attraction. What is more important is the proximity of hotel to metro or any public transport.
  • Breakfast: Guided tours in Washington generally start around 7:30am which leaves you with less time hunting for restaurants in the morning. Choose hotels that provide early breakfast.

  • Swimming pool: Many government buildings and museums are open only until 5:30 pm. Since DC doesn’t have beaches, look for hotels with pools especially if you are travelling with kids. 

Visiting Washington for the first time? 

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  • Choose the right month to travel: Though summers are popular amongst families, the city has a humid climate. However, guided tours are organized in air-conditioned vehicles hot summers won’t be an issue for many. The climate is pleasant during spring and fall.
  • Sign up with guided tours: Due to sheer number of attractions sign up with guided tours to make sure you don’t miss out on the iconic attractions.
  • The National Mall: The 2-mile stretch is lined with fascinating monuments and museums. If you are stopping by DC only for a day, you can spend it at the Mall.

  • Free attractions: DC trip can get quite expensive but there are a number of interesting free attractions including monuments, museums, galleries and zoo. Save money by visiting these attractions.
  • Visit monuments at nights: Monuments are opened all through the day. Take an evening monument tour to avoid crowds and click stunning pictures.

Book your tickets and rooms well in advance. Work out an itinerary beforehand so that you have a hassle-free trip.

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