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San Juan Mounts – A Desirable Vacation Spot That Has Everything for Everyone

San Juan Mounts are high mountain ranges in southwest of Colorado. It falls in the mineral belt of Colorado where mining of gold and silver is done. Mining is large scale has been stopped, but there are still some prospectors who are working on it. The mining camps are situated in towns like Lake City, Creede, Ouray, Telluride, and Silverton. After the environmental disaster in 1990, mining has been stopped in large scale.

Now, tourism is the major source of economy. San Juan Mounts are also considered special for their high plateaus as well as peaks. The Uncompahgre and San Juan National Forestry covers the major portion of Mountains. The ranges are very steep and are generally covered with snow. Thus, it isn’t difficult to find skiing and other activities all around the ranges. Telluride has the biggest ski resort and it is the only location where skiing is enjoyed.

This is the reason for highest availability of facilities in town near San Juan Mountains. Ouray is famously known as Switzerland of America because here you can see highest peak of mountain ranges. Snow on peaks can be seen from July to January. When there isn’t any snow, then you can see green pine trees and spring flowers blooming everywhere.

This is the finest location to enjoy nature and relax. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty and are looking for serenity, then you would need a place which is close to nature and mountain ranges. Ouray Chalet Inn should be the best place to consider. The Chalet provides spacious room with proper parking for vehicles.

It is close to museums and local restaurants, so you can just walk the trail without looking for transportation. Even though you get all kinds of amenities from them, still the staffs are friendly to assist you with any other services. You can enjoy nature by sitting on the patio or in the room looking at the outside view.

Camping in San Juan Mounts is quite famous. The best time of camping is during summer when you can sit comfortably on green grass and see blooming flowers around. Hence, the best time is June, which is the dry month of the year, with less rain and thunderstorm. However, the weather on mountains can change dramatically.

Therefore, here are few things that you should carry with you –

  • Rainproof gear for unpredictable rain that occurs in late June and early July.
  • Thermal wear and some warm clothes for cold nights. At night the breeze at mountain peaks become colder and those who aren’t aware of it often come with warm clothes for camping and then suffer late night.
  • Mountain towns have limited groceries which makes the price higher than plains. Therefore, it is wise to carry your own foodstuff.
  • You will be enjoying certain sports activities, so carry all your sportswear and equipment that may be required in mountain activities.

Camping requires accomplishing many responsibilities, out of which getting license for fishing and hunting is important and campfire permits is also required. To get all these permits and licenses you need to provide some documents like driver’s license and comprehensive and collision-proof.

Make your trip memorable by being closer to nature. Avoid cars and walk down the trails to view closely. San Juan Mountain Rage is the best place to forget about your tiring life.

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