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Do Not Miss These Exciting Things to Do in Lafayette

Lafayette is a wonderful destination to visit on weekends or enjoy your long holidays. It is one of the largest cities of Southern part of Louisiana. You can enjoy beach vacations, indulge in past history of Acadian people or enjoy the adventures in the children’s park.

Tourists and weekend holiday makers never ever have to worry about comfortable lodging as you get to stay in the midst of luxurious Lafayette, LA accommodations such as Carriage House Hotel.

Here are few main attractions that are sure to mesmerize you:

  • Attraction for History seekers, the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum – Established in the year 1964 has been most visited place by locals as well as tourists to see the unique things made by the artisans. You can see thousands of such art forms of many countries from the 18th century to the present days.
  • The aspiring science museum welcoming you in Jafferson Street – The planetarium site is a major attraction where you see all practical units of science forms. Your children will surely love to roam the whole place and prefer to visit again and enjoy the special programs like the Modern Universe and Flight Adventures.
  • Lazing around tour of colorful Avery Island – You enjoy the tour of the Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory and taste the yummy delicious mouth watering dishes in the restaurants opened for foodies, couple of centuries back. They are still the main attractive places on the gorgeous island. While you love to spend few hours in the midst of nature then make sure to add the island in your must to visit list.

  • Experience the breathtaking beauties of Champagne’s Cajun Swamp tours – They are guided tours, thus safe to wander in the swamp regions of Lake Martin Cypress Island. Yes, quite a place to watch reptiles like alligators and birds nestling in the swamp area.
  • Cypress Island trails, best romantic spot providing a magical twist to the swamps – Nature lovers never ever are satisfied with just few trips to the island. Quite a place to fulfill your photography enthusiasm and enjoy picnic in the midst of lovely birds such as Blue Heron, Snowy Egrets and many more rarely seen in other forest arena.

You can go for a guided tour to save time and book your rooms through online sites like You can visit Lafayette any time or any season of the year. Your holidays in this beautiful heavenly place in Louisiana are sure to be an amazing experience.

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