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5 Quirky Cafés in Delhi’s Connaught Place to Hang Out with Friends

Georgian-styled buildings with vintage cinemas, Indian restaurants and bars, sitting right alongside global chain stores make Connaught Place a business and financial hub with a rich heritage. The architectural character and grand scale of Connaught Place make it one of the most stand-out areas of the National Capital. These buildings form two circles that connect seven roads, while also connecting the outer circle with the inner circle.

Connaught Place has gained popularity in recent years for its night club lounge restaurants. The central market there is the heart of Delhi. A shopping spree in Connaught Place is not something that can be done in two or even three hours. If you are going to CP, it has to be a day-long affair, spent with family or friends. Here are some quirky cafés that you can visit for a memorable and fun time at CP.

1.     The Junkyard Café

With great ambiance and excellent music, this is one of the most vibrant cafés in Connaught Place. It is a great place for an exciting evening with friends. There are indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements and the menu also provides foods for calorie-conscious people. Do visit this café at least once before you board your Delhi to Ladakh flight back home.

2.     Chai Story

If you are looking for a cozy café, where you and your friends can catch up while sipping on hot tea, this is the place for you. As soon as you enter this café, your olfactory senses will be totally enchanted with the aroma of the perfect cup of tea brewing. They also provide you with a pack of UNO cards that you can play with your group while you wait for your tea and quick bites.

3.     Teddy Boy

Let’s travel black to the 1950s British culture and the Edwardian era. The ambiance of this place is very British, with people in tuxedos, retro music, and vintage furniture. In case you weren’t able to place the name, Teddy Boy loosely refers to a person who would dress in Edwardian fashion. Don’t forget to set time aside to try this restaurant in your itinerary while booking your Pune to New Delhi flight.

4.     United Coffee House

Warm, cozy, and sophisticated, this café is a heritage restaurant. It offers very diverse cuisines and a regal dining experience. The food here is excellent and it is the old-school charm and luxurious ambience that attracts people to United Coffee House.

5.     FLYP@MTV Café

Stellar food, great ambiance, and killer music. You will experience all these three things here. But, along with it, you will also get to know that this restaurant is a platform where people can showcase their talents to the world. A proof of this can be seen at their live music events. Foot tapping music, themed nights, and live music is what this place is best known for.

So, the next time you book a Mumbai to Delhi flight, make sure you visit at least one of these places and spend some memorable times your old pals and new.

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