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Offbeat Things In Miami: Check This List To Explore Like A Pro!

Incredible South Beach and other beaches, nightclubs that operate around the clock, and endless dining options – Miami seems like the ultimate beach-lover’s paradise. However, if you are someone who wants to enjoy things beyond the obvious, we have a list below for you help.

  • Enjoy Miami concerts. Head to New World Symphony for awesome Miami concerts. Music lovers will be thrilled to find so many incredible events all through the year, and the good news is you can book tickets online. If you are a fan of orchestra and music events, there is hardly any place in Miami better than this.
  • Spanish monastery. Not many people know of the Spanish monastery, which is among the oldest constructions in Western Hemisphere. It serves as parish today for “Episcopal Diocese of South Florida”, and you can marvel at the beauty and construction for a small entry fee – Totally worth the time!
  • Neptune Memorial Reef. If you always wanted to see the Lost City of Atlantis, this could be a nice alternative. This is a cemetery that is 40 meters below the service of the sea. For anyone who is interested in diving history or marine, this is one of the best things in Miami. You can also use diver operators and must have your own gear.

  • Head to Monkey Jungle. Well, Monkey Jungle is unique because the visitors are caged up, while the wild animals are free. If you are a fan of monkeys in particular, you should head here to see them enjoy natural habitat. There are special animal encounters too, and you can go for a guided trail, which is absolutely worth the money and time spent. They have a website too, so you can find necessary details.
  • Bet on jai alai. Known as the fastest ball game in the world, jai alai is worth a check. The game involves a leather ball that is hurled at a wall really fast. You can choose to bet on the best serve, grab a nice beer and enjoy the sport. Unique thing is many people are not even aware that a game like jai alai exists, so it can be quite an experience for most visitors. You can also get food inside.

Check online for tickets for concerts and events in advance. Miami is usually very busy on weekends, so book before you arrive to have the best seats and a gala time.

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