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6 Incredible Getaways From Seattle For A Weekend!

In Seattle for work or pleasure? You should definitely make time for some of the nearby towns and cities that have unique things to offer. In this post, we are sharing the best getaways from Seattle that are worth your time.


Just 90 minutes from Seattle is Bellingham, which is famed for amazing activities during summer. No matter whether you are a fan of fishing, or want to explore the famed trails of Washington, Bellingham is the ultimate pick. In April every year, a special seafood festival is held in Bellingham.


Arlington is about an hour’s drive from Seattle and is a great place to stay for a night or two. It is also home to some of the best casino restaurants near Seattle. Casino resorts here offer the best of luxury, and you will find many farms here, which organize tours for kids and families. Do check The Outback Kangaroo Farm, which has some interactive activities involving animals!

Snoqualmie Falls

Access to Snoqualmie Falls is for free, and it is just an hour’s drive from Seattle. Snoqualmie Falls is famed for its beauty, and you will also find a spa close by. Not a long list of things to do, but a great attraction to spend the day.

Lake Cle Elum

Around one hour and 40 minutes from Seattle is Lake Cle Elum, close to Cle Elum town. This is where you can enjoy the best of fishing, and it’s open all through the year. Come early spring to have the best fun, and do check the regulations related to fishing, which often change now and then.


Darrington is about 80 minutes from Seattle and is best known as a small town that’s close to the mountains and rivers. From hiking, to bird watching, Darrington is a dream for nature lovers, and you will also find events that happen all through the year. There is also the annual harvest festival that deserves a mention.

Hoh Rain Forest

If you don’t mind traveling a little far away, Hoh Rain Forest is a great pick for a weekend trip. The vegetation is a mix of many species, and it’s beautiful around the year, thanks to the amount of rainfall in the region. There is a Visitor Center that offers considerable information about the area, and camping sites are available.

For your stay close to Seattle, do check one of the casino resorts nearby!

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