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Going Off Grid & Enjoying A Wild Camping Holiday In Scotland

When you like nothing more than getting closer to nature and enjoying a camping holiday, you can consider heading to Scotland and seeing some of the wild camping this beautiful country offers. Scotland is known for its beautiful, rugged scenery, and it can be an excellent place to go hiking, whether alone, with your family, or with friends. You can enjoy a holiday that has a low impact on your environment and still have a fantastic time and enjoy your holiday. Below are some excellent destinations for a wild camping holiday in Scotland that you may enjoy for your wild camping trip to bonny Scotland.

Kilmory Bay, Isle of Rùm

The Isle of Rùm is on the west side of Scotland, and Kilmory Bay is located on the island’s northern coast, which has a wild look and feel. You can enjoy sandy beaches, watch Red Deer, and see lots of other wildlife on the island and surrounding waters. When you want to go wild camping in Scotland with beautiful scenery and lots of nature, look no further than Kilmory Bay on the Isle of Rùm.

Glen Nevis, Lochaber

Another excellent destination for wild camping in Scotland is visiting Glen Nevis, in Lochaber, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. There are various places where you can camp and take in some of the stunning scenery, and you are surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in the UK. Explore majestic waterfalls and hike the various trails throughout the area, and it will be somewhere you will never forget and fall in love with when you visit.

Glen Sannox, Isle of Arran

The Isle of Arran is another popular wild camping destination in Scotland you can consider visiting for your next holiday, which offers beautiful scenery and lots of idyllic places to camp. Glen Sannox is not far from a sandy bay and the village of Sannox and is on the heart of the Goat Fell Mountain range. There are many excellent hikes you can enjoy when staying on this westerly island, and being relatively close to Glasgow, it is also easy to get to for tourists.

Glenfeshie, Cairngorms

A visit to Glenfeshie in the Cairngorms is another excellent destination in Scotland where you can enjoy wild camping and stunning scenery. It is the sight of one of the most successful rewilding projects in the UK, and you will see an abundance of wildlife when you visit. There is also plenty f stunning scenery with waterfalls, forests, and mountain views, and lots of spaces where you can camp.

Loch Assynt, Sutherland

Loch Assynt in Sutherland is another superb location that gets you close to nature and is a fantastic place for wild camping. It is in the far north of Scotland, and you can enjoy exploring the ruins built by the MacLeod family and pitch your tent on the edge of the loch. You can enjoy some spectacular views and fantastic hiking, with many excellent photo opportunities while you are there.

These are a few of the many options available when you want to get close to nature and enjoy wild camping in Scotland. However, there are many more places you can try, and always ensure you follow the local rules and clean up after yourself before leaving, so it remains as beautiful for the next visitors.

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