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4 Decorating Tips for Making your RV feel Homier

Many companies sacrifice style in order to make their RVs more practical. Because they are only concerned with functionality rather than aesthetics, the interiors become dull and boring over time. The exterior may appear lovely at first glance, but it can become very unappealing when you enter your RV later in life due to the lack of decorations inside!

However, this can be taken as a challenge as you can easily redecorate your RV’s interior into something much more comfortable and homier through a little bit of time and investment. RVs are usually dark and cave-like with their design, but it doesn’t have to be this way as you can easily transform them into something bright and cheerful.

Decorating the interiors of an RV isn’t that different from decorating your home, but the limited space available in an RV can make decorating hard. We have several tips that will help with interior decorating your RV to make it feel more like home.

Balance Between Form and Function

One of the first tips we have is a general tip that you should be mindful of when decorating your RV is finding a way to balance form and function. Given the small space you are working with, as much as possible, make sure that every piece of furniture you will be using doesn’t consume too much or, if it does, serve a practical purpose.

Finding furniture that fits this category can be hard but very worthwhile as you can end up with an RV that is beautiful to look at and filled with practical things that make trips feel less of a hassle and more relaxing.

Use Souvenirs from your Trips

Since RVs are commonly used for trips, it might be good to grab a few trinkets that would make good interior decorations for your RV. This adds to the beauty of your RV’s interior and serves as a roadmap of memories of places you visit.

Make Use of Blinds and Curtains

Many modern RVs usually have the windows to be tinted to preserve a sense of privacy for the inhabitants. While window tints do the job right, they sometimes feel incredibly empty compared to and clash with the homey feel of an RV.

Consider changing out the window taints and making use of blinds and curtains instead to provide a sense of shade and privacy as they offer a more natural look inside your RV. This simple change can make drastic impacts since the windows of your RV will look more natural.

Add in Blankets and Pillows

When it comes down to nailing down the homey feel inside your RV, nothing can beat accomplishing that feeling than adding a few more pillows and blankets. Don’t be afraid to add pillows and blankets outside the bedroom compartment of your RV, as they can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your RV.

Simple throwing pillows and blankets on your RV’s common room couch can be all the change you need to make your RV look and feel comfier.

RVing is a great way to travel the country, but it’s not always easy to make your right feel at home. With these four suggestions, you can strike a balance between form and function, add some personal touches, and transform your RV into a cozy second home. Leisureland RV Center’s Keystone Retreat is an excellent model RV example. To learn more, please visit our website.

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