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What Should You Expect To See At the Seawolf Park in Galveston

Are you planning a vacation? Your best bet would be to visit Galveston, Texas. You could plan a one-day trip or a vacation in the beautiful city. Apart from the beautiful places to visit, you would enjoy your trip to Seawolf Park in Galveston. You should rest assured that it is one of the several hidden treasures of the Galveston region. The huge attractions of the park were the two naval vessels from World War II – the Cavalla and the USS Stewart.

The Cavalla is a Gato class fleet submarine, whereas, the USS Stewart is a destroyer escort. Despite the submarine been destroyed by Hurricane Ike, you could make the most of the experience offered by the presently available USS Stewart. You would come across the three-story pavilion for viewing the ship channel, a playground, and the lighted fishing pier. It would be pertinent to mention here that the Pelican Island is surrounded by water. It has been known to provide some of the great views of the ships passing along with wildlife and porpoises. You could entertain yourself by organizing a picnic with your loved ones. It would also cater to you with pedestrian access to the shoreline to enjoy the mesmerizing sea.

You would have a great spot for children to fish along with beautiful, big, and attractive playgrounds. Fishing off the shoreline would not be charged. However, you could also enjoy fishing on the Fishing Pier for a reasonable amount for both children and adults. You would come across several whiting and sand trout, which would be relatively easier to catch. Although, it may not be the choice of a serious angler, you should rest assured that it would be great to keep the children entertained. You may also catch some redfish and good trout. However, you should be aware and safe from Stingrays and Spanish Mackerel for their stings and bites. The best time to go fishing would be when the tide moves in or moving out.

You would get a great view from the three-story pavilion. The view of several ships and cruises coming and going through the channel would be a sight to watch. Most people may rarely view these large ships relatively close. However, the ship channel would provide you with a chance to witness the beauty of the mammoth ships ad cruises up close.

Apart from the gigantic ships, you would come across several bird species and other interesting things in and around the shorelines and the ship channel.

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