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Thinking of a Move to Australia? Here are Some Ways You Can.

The Land Down Under, it is a magical place, one that it embedded with picturesque scenes, barbeques, sandy beaches and setting suns. However, getting into the country may not be as easy as you may think. The Australian government are fully aware of how much people want to live there and its border control is one of the most notorious in the world. Despite this, there are some ways in which you can enter the country for prolonged periods of time. If this is something that interests you, keep reading, as this article is here to help.

Employment Visas

The best way to enter Australia is by obtaining a working visa to move there. The employer sponsored visa subclass 482, also known as the TSS visa, is your best bet. The TSS visa stands for ‘temporary skills shortage visa’. It is to fill the gap in the Australian labor force, where there is a lack of a certain skill employers can sponsor a foreign national to reside and work within Australia with purpose of working with that said skill. This is a great way to go about this as everyone wins. Priority, of course, is given to Australians. A foreign national can either apply for a short visa or a medium visa under the TSS visa. These range from 1-4 years in duration. During this time, the holder of the visa must work using the skill they have been permitted to enter Australia under. This prevents the possibility of someone entering the country and having free reign to do whatever they like. If you have a particular skill that you think may be sought after in Australia, it may be a good idea to reach out to prospective employers to inquire about the possibility of obtaining a TSS visa.

General Work Visas

If you think that you may not be able to apply or qualify for a specific skill visa, then you can always apply for a general work visa. The process for this is similar: an employer will sponsor you to come and work in Australia. The same advice applies, you should email prospective employers and inquire about the possibility of a sponsorship.

There are many more ways in which you can obtain a visa to enter Australia. These include holiday visas and family visas. However, if you are planning to go to Australia to work and do not have any family from there, an employment visa is your best bet.

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