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‘A’ Class Cat Worlds Commences in Three Weeks

The most beautiful people from the ‘A’ Cat World will start to assemble in not more than three weeks to participate in the A-Class Catamaran World championships. They will start to gather at the Weymouth and Portland sailing academy. It is known that ‘A’ Cat class is more than 53 years old and the worlds are being held for the very first time in the United Kingdom.

The A-Cat Class tries to follow an initiative that has been taken by the A-Class Association for helping growing fleets to stimulate in counties that have not got any big representations for themselves recently. Sopot in Poland was a new venue that held the Worlds for the class in the year 2016. It was considered to be one of the greatest Worlds that have been held to date, with many feeling that Christmas had come early!

Finally, it is time for the UK to host the Worlds this year and the ‘A’ Cat is coming back to its home. Till now, it has been known that there are 86 competitors. Though the Earlybird entry has ended, there are still chances for many to give their entries and they will be accepted till the day before the commencement of the Worlds at the United Kingdom. The team from Great Britain is currently leading the fleet numbers with 14 boats in their name. More number of boats have been registered for participating in the Nationals that would be sailing a week before.

The class is only meant for the thoroughbred development class. It means that the boats must be conformed of a particular length, sail area, beam, weight, and wing-mast.the sail area must be of 150sqft and a maximum of 75 kg in weight. The hull or the sail can be made of any desired shape, use whatever material, and the participants can rig all setups according to their own desires.

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