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4 Etiquettes to Pay Heed for your Destination Wedding to Las Vegas

Destination weddings are totes different from traditional weddings. They come with their own set of rules and etiquettes and they are very essential to pay heed to for your big day. This blog article explains and lists a few of them which are the most important ones to follow. Thank us later.

  1. The couple should pay for…

Like the traditional weddings, couples have to pay for the ceremony and reception that entails location, catering, décor and entertainment. Guests have to look after their conveyance and accommodation, but many destination couples tend to host a small cocktail party or brunch post wedding as a thank you party for the guests to show up in the wedding.

  1. Sending the save-the-date and formal invitation cards

As soon as you have confirmed the details, send away the Save the Date cards. If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas, it is always better to notify your guests 9 to 12 months prior to the wedding so that they can plan out their travel and take leave for their work. You can also create a customized website to notify your guests about the events. And when it comes to formal invitations in the Destination weddings, always send them away 2 to 3 months prior to your big day.

  1. About the adults only wedding

When the couple wants to host an adults only party, please respect that decision. However, it may seem rude to directly mention ‘No children’ or ‘Adult reception’ on the card, take a clue from the subtleties so as to be alerted. You should never state who isn’t invited, rather you should always send the invitations to those who are invited, meaning if the children aren’t mentioned, then explain with utmost calm that you could only invite them and their partner. Ensure to send out the cards early so as to they can look after and plan for the childcare.

  1. Who should be invited for the engagement ceremony?

Only the guests who are being invited to the Destination wedding be invited for your engagement day. You can follow the exception that if the event is intimate, you can limit this to only your couple and immediate family. You can always have a big celebration at home. You can also remind your guests to bring no presents for your engagement day.

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